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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to Novel

I'm enjoying being back in Tokyo again, especially the little novelties you stumble across just by being here.

Like this ad Russell and I saw in the subway encouraging metro riders to slow down.  You can't help but smile at the mop dog, which by the way, I have never seen this breed in Tokyo.

Or this ad, also on the subway.  I don't know what this means but apparently the kitty goes up and the kitty goes down.  Bad kittty.

Invest in yarn?

I love going to the drug store.  There are so many mystery products.  I loved the packaging and the intense fragrance of these products so much (even though I don't need it) I had to buy one.
These products are from baviphat - a Korean cosmetics company.  I find it interesting the packaging
is in English as well as Japanese.

These are body balms.  They smell intense and 
have the consistency of yogurt, not the Greek kind.
I like that they have two kinds of grape: green and purple.  
They smelled just like them too.
One was definitely Thompson the other Concord.  Hey Coolaid!!

I bought the peach lip balm, pictured here on the right.
Every time you apply it, it's like biting into a luscious peach in deep Summer.

It's nice to know you can buy a Chevy off road vehicle in Japan.

This will fit into any parking space in Tokyo.

And that the garbage men have a sense of humor....

Yes, that's Stitch, Santa Claus and an unidentified bear dangling from the trash truck.
Apparently they accept Visa and Mastercard as well, which is nice.

Eating is always an adventure in Tokyo.

Russell and I ate at a new Yakitori place which recently opened in our neighborhood.  They had the usual suspects, pretty much any part of the chicken (liver, heart, wing, breast, feet)  or pig (tongue, stomach, cheek), grilled on a stick.    Each item was between 150-300 yen ($1.80 - $4.20) with the exception of the daily special which was twice as much and described only in Japanese so we had to ask.  It was 750 yen ($9.00) and it was horseflesh. NOOOOO Thank you!

But Russell did go for the other special which was described as "baked potato with squid guts" for just 350 yen.  Guts!!!  Nice.  It was pretty good.  The squid was slimy and salty so it added a lot of flavor, and texture, to the tater.

Check out this menu description.  This was from another restaurant. 

Yes, we enjoyed the "rid" roast (safely produced)  "fully"

And then there's the candy.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that the Japanese have very discerning palates, unlike Americans who will eat anything as long as it's a huge portion.  The Japanese crave variety.  I've been told there are 15 kinds of Kit Kat.  Ever since I heard this I've been looking for them.  I have not counted fifteen, but the thing is, they release new flavors seasonally, like Sakura, which is cherry blossom.  This week I found blueberry, mini, no less.

It's nice to know you can dry your bra correctly now.  

I wonder if they carry this in my cup size?

I know I've posted this photo before but I just couldn't leave it behind...

Pun intended

Ranger really enjoys "Wild Health" which is Coke Zero's advertising campaign in Tokyo.  

For some reason Russell likes this too. 
Clearly targeted to men and dogs.
Is there a difference?

Why, here's Ranger enjoying a Coke Zero now...

Can a brother get a treat to go with my Coke Zero?

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