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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Um, This Might be Even Better than the Four Seasons in Hawaii

Ok, I confess, so I cajoled Russell into going to Koh Samui so we could stay at yet another Four Seasons.  But hey, every room comes with its own plunge pool, and at less the price than other high end hotels. I've always wanted to stay in a room with its own plunge pool but they're usually in the thousand plus per night range.  I'm not paying that unless my room comes with entertainment if you know what I mean.

So after exploring all the Four Season options in Thailand, we chose Koh Samui.  I'd really like to go to the Golden Triangle (which is an all inclusive elephant safari complete with tents), but that really is way too expensive. Maybe for a special occasion using lottery money.  Course I would have to play the lottery first.

We flew Bangkok Airlines from Bangkok to Koh Samui.  They advertise themselves as a "boutique" airline which I found kind of interesting.  I wondered what they meant by "boutique." I almost fainted when they served us a full hot, egg breakfast on the plane.  The flight was only an hour!

In America they don't feed you unless the flight is six hours and during a meal time.  But for your convenience, of course, you can purchase a snack.  For a little more you can even buy a drink.  How nice.

This is the breakfast they served us during the one hour flight.
Nice ribbon.

This was my roll.  What does it look like to you?
I agree.

The airport was boutique too.  It was so cute.   It reminded me of the Kauai airport or the Disneyland parking lot.

Control tower.  There's only one runway
so I guess that's why it's only three stories.

The runway under whimsical blue skies.
Suddenly I feel like I'm on vacation.

Tram from the runway to the terminal. So old school.
"I think we parked in the Cinderella section, honey"

The terminal was bordered with ponds and flowers.
Pond would be good for you.

Clock tower leading to a little boardwalk of duty free shops.
How convenient. 

Since we were both a little wary of traveling in Thailand, we opted for the Four Seasons delivery service, us being the delivered.  They picked us up in a Mercedes with ginger laced ice cold towels and fresh bottles of water.  Thai music wafted from the sound system.  They dropped us off in the Four Seasons' courtyard.  

At first I thought this was Hear No Evil, See No Evil, 
but it was four monkeys praying for more tourists.

A door opened into a little room with an expansive view.  It took our breath away.  Now this is what I call awesome!

OMG! This is heaven, not registration.
This little room perched on the highest point above
the resort with a commanding view of the
 Gulf of Thailand was the welcome reception. 

More cold towels, this time laced with 
lemon grass and a fragrant flower ring for me.

Chilled dragon fruit juice overlooking heaven completed our welcome.

Then a golf cart took us to our room.  Yeah, I don't think we'll be leaving the resort any time soon.

Entrance to our room.

From the gate, down the stairs...

Into this!
I get the lounger on the right!


Bathroom with his and...

her sinks

My bathtub.  This one's a keeper.
They had even prepared a fragrant bath,
coconut oil, rose petals and jasmine.
All I had to add was warm water and me.


Other side of the patio

View from the plunge pool.
Yeah, this don't suck.

First we had to have a sunset cocktail.

The open air lobby.
Each of those lounge chairs has a game in it.

The sunset from the lobby.

Candle lit path

Outdoor dining area


Happy bar stool warmer


Then to the Thai BBQ on the beach.  The food was outstanding.  

We sat on a table in the sand, front row to the evening's entertainment.
This guy was hot. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.

Lucky shot.  I must be buzzed.

Thai dancers in rainbow colors.
This way to the bar....

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