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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pleasure Riding - Tokyo Metro Courtesy Campaign

Being packed in like a can of sardines and then groped mysteriously is only part of the fun of riding the Tokyo metro.  

Russell and I have been continuously entertained by the Tokyo Metro Courtesy Campaign that has been running in the subways since we got here almost two years ago.  

I have to admit it is quite clever.  Russell and I are always delighted when a new posting goes up.  Besides clearly being directed at gaijin, aka foreigners, the campaign makes good use of that universal smile catalyst: the antics of animals.  Animals translate in any language.

Take a look for yourself and see if a few don't provoke a smile or two.

You gotta love the mop dog encouraging folks not to rush.

Hamsters always work, even if they don't dance.

How cute is this?
No sound leakage - please.

Of course my favorite one has the worst photo.
Basically it asks you not to fall asleep on a stranger's shoulder.
But that bird reminds me of Russell.

Apparently there have been complaints about applying make-up on the train.
Don't look at me!

They use the word "consider" twice here. 
I guess they really want us to think before we eat or drink on the train.

Not afraid to tackle the tough issues. 
Don't lie down on the train, even if you've had too many drinks.
You don't think they mean me do you?

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