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Friday, September 23, 2011

Roke the Typhoon

When Russell called and told me to fill the bathtub with water and run down to the grocery store for emergency provisions, I teased him for over-reacting.  "But the U.S. Embassy sent us a warning; didn't you see it?" he uttered nervously.

"Of course I saw it.  I promptly deleted it because it's like the third or fourth typhoon warning we've gotten in the past two months and this one doesn't even claim to have more velocity than the last warning.  Is this the first warning you've read?"

"Um, yeah, " he stated rather timorously.

The last two typhoon warnings translated to some wind and rain.  And one actually left behind a gloriously clear and humidity free day.  Bring it on!

I didn't fill the bathtub and I wasn't about to go to the grocery store again.  I'd already been to two different grocery stores in the past two days and we have plenty of candles and wine.  Candles, wine and Pepperidge Farm cookies - that ought to tide us over if the warnings actually came true and we happen to lose electricity for a few days, I reasoned and turned the TV on.  Ranger settled onto the couch next to me.

Since Russell had called that afternoon it had grown ominously dark.  Looks like rain I concluded.  The wind picked up.  By the end of Ugly Betty it was actually stormy.  The wind was really blowing, actually howling and the trees in the backyard were raging back and forth.  Hmmmm.  Even Ranger took notice of the tumult.  Then came the rain - angry, torrential downpours that seemed to have a purpose: soak everything.  Oh, you're not wet yet - take that - now you are!

Watching the storm was kind of mesmerizing, more interesting than TV.  Ranger and I lay on the couch transfixed.  By the time Russell came home the rain had stopped but the wind was still creating havoc.

We had agreed to eat out but Russell was concerned about getting electrocuted by loose power lines.
I didn't want to start on the candles and cookies and I sure didn't feel like cooking. The power was still on and it was early, just 7:30p.

"Let's go out.  It will be an adventure."  Russell didn't think any restaurants would be open. I suggested La Cigogne, a French restaurant less than 500 yards from our front door.  We called and they were open.  When we arrived five minutes later, there was only one other diner.  We were trying to figure out if they were happy we were there or wished we hadn't come so they could close early.  Russell asked them and they enthusiastically welcomed our presence.  A few minutes later we saw why, they were expecting a large party.

By the time we got out of dinner the typhoon was gone.  At first I thought maybe we were in the eye of the storm, but Russell's favorite app, Weather Channel - he's addicted to Doppler, proved the typhoon had just magically disappeared, kind of like the chocolate dessert we just ate.

The next morning it was a gloriously clear and COOL day.  It was so refreshing.  It was actually 70 degrees and NO HUMIDITY.  Ranger and I were ecstatic!  We couldn't wait to get outside.  This was California weather.

The carnage at the park was proof there had been a typhoon - a real one.  Leaves were everywhere.  It was like Fall had happened over night. There were a lot of fallen trees, not just branches, but whole trees.  It was kind of scary.  Imagine if we had been walking through the park when they fell?  Yikes!

That still doesn't warrant filling the bathtub though.

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